Showered with Love

This past month we have been showered with love and support by so many people! Chase and I are so excited and cannot wait for Piper to be here! Currently I am 35 weeks/one day and most definitely counting down the days until we meet our Sweet P! Huge thank you to all of those who came and showered us with love in Auburn and Decatur. We have the best family and friends ever! I cannot wait for our last two showers, one in Enterprise and one in Huntsville in September. Words cannot express how thankful we are for everyones support, encouragement and prayers during this special time in Chases and my life!




The Gender Reveal

Amongst the chaos of the last month and a half, God has given us something to laugh about. While we have been stressed and are mourning for our brother and friend, Myron West, as he battles for life, God has provided some humor. So here we go…. the big reveal.

We had an appointment scheduled in the states for a gender scan with my 20 weeks ultrasound, but our schedules changed and Chase would still be in Uganda during that time. We wanted to find out the gender of our baby together so we left early one morning and went to a clinic in Gulu town that our teammate, Holly, had taken a friend before and we knew they got the gender correct. With Myron’s advice, I drank a coke to make doubly sure the baby was moving to be able to see all parts.

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