Ever-changing Journey to Haiti

One thing we have learned over the past few years in the mission field is all plans are subject to change according to God’s plan. We simply make the best prayerful plans and adjust as God shows us the direction He wants us to go.

Today was supposed to be THE DAY that our family of three boarded a plane and made the big move to Haiti. We have greatly anticipated this day and every night as I rock my baby girl I have prayed for her to have a smooth transition on the 28th of February. But, God had slightly different plans. And I will go ahead and tell you, without any surprise, His plan is much better than what we had come up with.

Two weeks ago we found out that we were not going to be able to ship all of our household appliances and furniture to Haiti. This threw a big wrench in our plans. We started praying and waited on God’s guidance on how to move forward. The only logically way to move forward was to devise a plan to purchase all of our things in Haiti.

Our Quant Little Island Home

Soon after we found out that the shipping container was a no go, we found out our rental house was far from being move in ready. It still has no power, no hot water, and no clean water. That is a lot of noes. In my opinion, it needs my awesome husband, Chases, attention. Therefore Chase is currently in flight for his third trip to Haiti without PE and myself. Which is in no way the way we like things. God has called all of us to the mission field, PE included, and we know the need for our family to be in the field together is a necessity. But, I am beyond thankful for my husband’s servants heart and desire to set up our house to make it an easy transition for PE and myself.

Chase will work in Haiti until March 8th. He will return to the states to take care of some more business (blog post coming later this week). Then, we will we leave March 12th and officially move to Haiti! Praise the Lord!

Well, as I have been writing this blog post, I got a texted from Chase that he just found out, as he landed for his layover in Atlanta, that ALL furniture stores in Haiti will be closed for the next two days because of Mardi Gras Celebrations. We did not know Mardi Gras was a big deal in Haiti! haha.. we have so much to learn! Chases plan was to shop today and tomorrow for all of our furniture and appliances and have them sent to Jacmel on the 2nd. So, there are changes happening again to our plans. Got to love the ups and downs of living in a third world country. Right when we think we have things figured out, we are completely proven wrong. But, God has this. There is no doubt! We just simply have to take one day at a time and submit to His will, not our structured plans. And get a good laugh along the way! 🙂

With that new update, we know it will be no surprise God’s plan for Chases trip will be far greater than ours, just as God has worked things out much better for when our family moves on the 12th of March. For a few starters, we will now be traveling the same day as a team of 13 from Willowbrook Baptist Church travels to Haiti to serve in Jacmel with us. That means 13 more totes of our things that can move with us at the same time! And since the shipping container fell threw, that is HUGE! HUGE I tell you! That eases this mama’s mind of what to bring first for PE. Second, PE will now get her six month shots from her pediatrician and we will not have to take her into Port Au Prince to get them. Double Praise for that one! Third, this allows me more time to organize and pack things. Forth, we will have more time to figure out the logistics of getting our truck to Haiti. You see, sometimes we have to be flexible to what His desires are for us for He has our best interests at heart.

I will update everyone in the next few days on some exciting things that have happened in February, but until then, please be in prayer for Chases safety and sanity (haha) as he sets up our house from complete scratch.

As always, I will leave you with a picture, this time of Chase and some of the girls that live at the orphanage from his first trip to Jacmel, Haiti. It may take a small while for some to warm up to the beard. 😉 My heart cannot wait to meet all the precious children!


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