Live Intentionally {Class of 2015}

For most Americans graduating high school seems like another event or stepping stone in life. Everyone and their brothers seem to have a high school diploma in the states. As Americans we rarely take a glimpse at national statistics and the reality that having a high school education is a blessing and something to cherish.

For example, according to UNICEF in Uganda in 2012 only 18.7 % of women and 16.2% males attend high school. In that same year of 2012, the USA had an all time high graduation rate of 80% according to the Washington Post. What a drastic difference!

Be grateful God chose you to be born in a place where an education is easily attainable. Do not waste something so precious, but instead why not use your education and talents to glorify God. God tells us in His word to be intentional by making the “most of every opportunity.” My prayer is that you do just that, make the most of your education.

“Be wise in the way you act towards outsiders, make the most of every opportunity.” Colossians 4:2

So, to all high school graduates of any country CONGRATULATIONS! Be proud of your achievement and know what a blessing it is to have a good education.

And a special congratulations to our favorite graduate of 2015, my Sister-in-Law Jordan. Chase and I are both so proud of you and thankful we got to join you doing this exciting time. Now go be AUsome at the loveliest village on the plains! War Eagle!

AUsome Cake made by Jordan's Cousin
AUsome Cake made by Jordan’s Cousin
Sunday Morning Church Recognition
Sunday Morning Church Recognition
Sunday Morning Church Recognition. Check out those Life Beads!
Sunday Morning Church Recognition. Check out those Life Beads!


Aunt Jordan & Niece Abby
Aunt Jordan & Niece Abby
Graduation Night

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