Meet Our Goats {Katherine & Laura}

Chase and I were so excited when we found our current rental house in Uganda. One of the greatest parts of it is the yard! It is massive! The yard is quadruple the size of our old rental property in Uganda. One thing we did not realize is how darn fast the grass grows. We do not own a lawn mower, they barely exist in Uganda. But, there are a few “lawn maintenance” businesses in Gulu. They either have weed-eaters or slashers. It takes them all day to cut our yard and it gets expensive fast. So, Chase decided we needed goats and since I have a new found love for baby goats I was completely okay with the idea. I mean have you seen a baby goat?! They are adorableness wrapped in a bow!

We had our guard find two pregnant goats. We picked them up yesterday from his families land and brought them home in the back of our vehicle. I never had a chance to name the goats, Chase was quick to exclaim this one is Katherine, and this one is Laura. Now those that know us personally know those are both of my sisters names. It was too perfect with him calling them by their names and yelling at them to “come on” that I totally went along with it. Not to mention he told them both by name not to us the bathroom in our vehicle (yay-they didn’t). After getting them home and introducing them to our dogs it was even more hilarious. Is it obvious we miss our families? Probably. But, beware to the rest of the females in our family. We have another goat we plan on buying any day now.

This video is a must watch for a good laugh of “Laura” head-butting Bella our Yorkie-Poo. The yelping and barking in the background of the video is our two German Shepard’s. Their first visit with the goats was a little more chaotic. “Do not attack Laura and Katherine!” 😉

Oteka Meeting Laura

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