{July Team} They Taught Me How to Pray

Wow, what a team! This past week Abaana’s Hope was honored to host a team full of ladies from Myron West’s home church. They came ready to serve in any way possible, but their main focus was the children. God tells us in Proverbs 22:6 to direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. At Abaana’s Hope we are trying to teach the children the ways of the Lord, and this team helped us organize our first Children’s Conference at Abaana’s Hope.

July Team with School Children
They started their teachings at a local school that the head master has so graciously allowed Abaana’s Hope children’s directors to teach in every week. The team broke the students up according to grade and taught them a Bible lesson about Noah, some songs and some new games. I had the privilege of joining two team members, Rachel and Mrs. Bonnie with the older students. It was extremely encouraging to watch the students listen intently to the message and to watch their eyes move as they tried to read each word of the songs so that they could fully grasp their meanings. After the lessons the students learned a new game of jump the river. We were amazed at how far the students jumped. They had a ball! At the end of the day the team presented the school with three new Bibles for the teachers to learn from to be able to teach the children Bible lessons and all the students and teachers were invited to the children’s conference the next day.

Bible Study at K School
Bible Lesson with the Older Children
Jump the River
Jump the River
The children’s conference was Saturday and we hosted a little over 300 children from the community. There were games, bible lesson’s, music and even an amazing meal complete with goat! A mom who brought her son and her nephew to the conference summed it up best through her nephews reaction.

When I asked Momma Ann how the boys enjoyed it she said, “they could not stop talking about the event to their friends.” She said, “when they reached home the boys began to tell their friends about the event.” Her nephew said, “we played games, sang songs, had some lessons, they taught us how to pray and they even fed us meat!” Did you catch that? They taught us how to pray. Now, there was never a moment in the day where the team gave instructions of “this is how we pray,” but the small boy learned how to pray to his heavenly father that day through watching others and following a fun rhyme before each prayer. To God be the glory that one small child now knows he is able to communicate with the one true God. He knows he does not need a mediator or some profound word usage, but that he can simply pray to his father in heaven. Amazing. God is amazing. Thank you Six Street team for serving with all your hearts and teaching one child how to pray through your actions.

Winnie at Recreation time at Abaana's Hope
Winnie at Recreation time during the Children’s Conference
Rachel, Meg, Kimmey on top of the AH Water Tower
July Team with Jewelry Ladies
The Team working with the Jewelry Ladies
The Older Boys during Recreation at the Children’s Conference

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