Luke 1:78

“A new day will dawn on us from above because our God is loving and merciful.” -Luke 1:78

Yesterday Chase started his day leaving for Port-au-prince at 8 a.m. Every time we go to the big city, it tends to turn into an unwanted adventure. Yesterday was no exception!
Chase had a list of things to accomplish before heading to the airport to pick up a team. One was to see if the store we bought our generator from would honor their warranty on it because our generator broke the day before and began putting out to much power (in Kimmey terms ;)). We only lost a fan, Sweet PE’s sound machine (thumbs down on that one!) and a few surge protectors before Chase realized what was going on. The damage could have been far greater, so we praise the Lord it did not get our big appliances! Chase had to negotiate with the people to get them to agree to fix it. But, they did agree… Praise the Lord!

At the generator shop he found out most stores were closing at 1 p.m. on that day. So he quickly headed to the furniture store to purchase some much needed chairs and tables for the church. During the process of buying the chairs, their were glitches in the computer causing them to have to recount, out back and reconfigure how many chairs he could purchase. At the end of it he was able to buy 85 chairs and hit the rode for the airport.

At that point he didn’t know if there was enough time to get lunch at a restaurant so they rushed to the airport and got a bite to eat there from road side vendors while waiting for their first team to arrive. So they waited… and waited and then found out after about an hour, that the flight had been delayed. By the time the first team got in, there wasn’t enough time for them to leave and make it back for the second group coming in. So they continued to hang out at the airport.

The next team finally arrived at 6 p.m. Chase got everything loaded and they headed to put some air in the van tires. They went to several gas stations, but could not find any that were open. The next thing they knew, they found themselves in a big traffic jam. He was following a driver, that had some of our team members with him, back to Jacmel. The driver throught it would be best to take a different route. The different route ended up being on tiny roads only fit for one car, not a big church size van. Chase said it was only God that allowed them to pass through some of those streets. Chase finally arrived with the team safe and sound around 11:30 p.m. Praise the Lord for a safe, but eventful journey.

Obviously, Chase was tired from the events of the day before, but we got up and headed to church this morning regardless. The church service filled up quickly and then came out the brand new chairs! It was wonderdful to see God pushing the boundaries of the church wall way outside the covering. Those chairs are already being used by people hungry to hear the gospel!

I looked at Chase and said, “it makes it all worth it doesn’t it?!” Of course he said yes!


“A new day will dawn on us from above because our God is loving and merciful.” Luke 1:78

Please pray for the growing church here, New Prospectives Church Jacmel. We are so thankful God is bringing new people  every week to here His word!


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