Willowbrook Baptist Church Mission Trip {June 2017}

Last week Willowbrook Baptist Church came taught, served, and loved on our kiddos in some mighty ways! It was a blessing to have some friends in country and to get to make some new friends.

Their team worked hard to spruce up an old building, on the new property, that will be used for children’s church in the coming weeks. Currently the children have to stay super quiet during their Sunday school classes to not disturb the sermon. And one thing is universal for children… that is incredibly hard for them to do! So they will move from learning at the guest house/church to a fun new spot on the new property for Sunday School. It is going to be great to have them already learning on the new property! I do not know what I was expecting from the team, but their work exceeded my expectations! Look how great it looks!!

They also taught unemployed members of the church how to make cards for them to sell to teams when they visit. I am excited to keep this going and cannot wait to share with you in the coming days more about this project!

While the team was here, we had a joint birthday party to celebrate three June birthdays! Abigail helped me bake two cakes and 24 cupcakes. We tried our best to make each one special for the girls, which is challenging with limited recourses, but we did out best! Sprinkles and candies from the states go a long way! 🙂 Chase offered his grilling skills to cook over 50 burgers for the party. It was the childrens at the orphanage first experience with burgers, but I think they liked them okay! Even if they did eat each item one at a time (lettuce… and then tomato, and then the paddy, and then the bun). 😉 It is always fun to see the girls get dressed up and play during parties! What fun it was to celebrate these cuties!

This team was brave and took all the girls to the ocean in shifts. First the older girls and then the younger girls. That is a total of 18 little ones running, swimming and jumping through waves! Lots of heads to count, but boy did they have a blast hanging on team members arms and rolling in the sand! What a reward it was to hear their little squeals of excitement and the joy on their faces. Its funny to see how protective the girls have become of Sweet PE. While at the ocean a young boy who was there and wanted to hold PE hands but all of the girls kept screaming “Pa Touche!” (do not touch) at the little boy. The girls where also afraid for us to take PE in the ocean thinking that it could harm her. They are precious little protectors for our PE and I love it!

Thank you to this team for giving up your time and money to show the love of Christ to our kiddos, church members and our families on the ground. You are already missed!



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