Painting, Building & a tiny bit of Singing

Greetings Everyone!

This past week Mid Atlantic Community Church team members have been working hard painting all the classrooms at New Perspectives Academy and building a new 8th grade classroom at the orphanage! They also began building a chicken coop at the new property.

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Willowbrook Baptist Church Mission Trip {June 2017}

Last week Willowbrook Baptist Church came taught, served, and loved on our kiddos in some mighty ways! It was a blessing to have some friends in country and to get to make some new friends.

Their team worked hard to spruce up an old building, on the new property, that will be used for children’s church in the coming weeks. Currently the children have to stay super quiet during their Sunday school classes to not disturb the sermon. And one thing is universal for children… that is incredibly hard for them to do! So they will move from learning at the guest house/church to a fun new spot on the new property for Sunday School. It is going to be great to have them already learning on the new property! I do not know what I was expecting from the team, but their work exceeded my expectations! Look how great it looks!!

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Land Plans in the Making

Alleluia! Plans for the New Faith House Orphanage have officially begun! It was so exciting to watch men with their fancy rulers and big posters sit down together and begin drawing site plans! It was even more exciting to watch them as they went to the Lord, before every meeting, to make sure they were following what God wants for Future Generations International Missions and not what we all think will work.

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