Children’s Day 2017

Every year in Haiti, tiny humans are celebrated for simply being children. What joy children are to us all! Think about it, how many times has a simple wave from a toddler or something hilarious a child said made your day?! Pslam 127:3 says it perfectly, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” 

Now a days, my life is so exciting to be full of simple things that make my day and bring joy to those around me. It is not every day Haitians get to see a chunky blonde, blue eyed baby coming down their streets waving at them. Some laugh, some smile, but, one thing is universal… if a baby waves at you, you wave back and smile! haha… No matter how strong-willed or tough you think you are, it is something we do. And it is something so simple that brings  a smile to our face! What a reward it is to receive a wave or a smile from these sweet tiny people. 🙂

Sweet PE and Dad walking to church on our street


Sweet PE Loves other Babies

This past Sunday the children’s ministry ran most of the service, complete with a sermon from Jeremiah(Pastor Daniels Son)! It was precious and challenging all at the same time to watch them sing praises to the Lord and bring the word of God in front of so many people.

There are so many children here in Haiti that bring a smile to my face and to many mission team members that visit. Spend five minutes at the Faith House Orphanage and I dare you to walk away not having a better day! Those 30 girls and one young boy bring happiness to so many people visiting every year.

Chase even had a helper on Sunday 😉

The innocence of a child is beautiful and something to be praised. After all, babies do not keep! My prayer is that we are able to follow as Christ said and “become like little children (Matthew 18:3)” and rely on our heavenly Father with child like faith.


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