Women’s Refuge Bible Study

Have you ever done something with the intentions of blessing others, but in reality you are blessed abundantly more? Well this is one of those cliche experiences that have brought us that exact blessing or in this case, a refuge, from the {good} chaos associated with our life in Uganda. We intended to bless the families at the refuge center by continuing their weekly bible study, but by pausing and spending time in God’s word with these families we have found our own blessing of a refuge.

Several months back, Myron began leading a Bible Study at the Women’s Refuge Center. Since Myron and his family are on fur-low in the states, Chase has had the opportunity to lead the ladies and their children in Bible study. Our time with these ladies and their many children has now turned into our refuge from the chaos of life. The hustle and bustle of being pulled in 100 different directions takes a quick halt as we pull up at the refuge and are greeted by gleeful smiles and waves. The young children quickly grab several reed mates for everyone to sit on. As the sun is setting, we all gather around together to study Gods word. By the end of the evening chickens have began to roost in the trees above our heads. Many of the young children find rest in their mothers laps as the temperature begins to drop.

It is a beautiful time for these women and their families to study Gods word, we are thankful to have this refuge!


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