Sour & Sweet

This week I have had to test several precious children to see if they had malaria. Every time I have to prick their tiny fingers with a needle it breaks my heart.

This morning Chase went to check on the progress of the new ot-lums being built at the Women’s Refuge Center and found sweet Maurine had a fever and was not feeling well. He called me to meet him at the Abaana’s Hope Medical Center so that I could test her for malaria. This was not and will not be Maurine’s last malaria test. It is the reality of living in Uganda. She already knew what was coming and held her little hands tight in a fist trying to prevent us from getting her finger to be able to prick it. Oh’ how it hurts my heart to hear any child cry in fear or pain. But, to be the one inflicting the pain is terrible!!

M Treatment

Needles to say Uncle Chase and Auntie Kimmey were not her favorite people this morning. We both cannot stand to see her sad, so Chase quickly went to get her a treat from our American stash of food. After testing her, we found she did have malaria, we dossed her medicine and Chase presented her with her first experience with Sour Patch Kids. Judging by her reaction, I would say she will be a forever fan of sour gummies! After all, a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down! 😉

Sour to Sweet

Please say a prayer for Maurine and all the precious children that are currently suffering from malaria!

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