The Ladies Build Their Future

One of the greatest parts of being a missionary is getting to watch and experience plans come to fruition. When the Women’s Refuge Center first began, it seemed so far into the future for a women to complete the program. But, the future is now a reality! I am beyond excited to share that not one, but two ladies are on the verge moving out of the center as empowered land-owning women!

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Construction Update 1.16

January Blog Construction Update.jpg

Our construction workers have been busy since my last construction blog update. They have inserted the garage doors on both the missionary home and also the guest house! They have poured majority of the houses slabs, completed the ring beam structures, and are adding bricks to set the foundation for the roof. They are shaping up quit nicely and it is extremely exciting to watch the progress everyday!

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LSC Church Youth Conference

As I type, I can hear singing and praises being sung by over 70 {and growing} youth and young adults from the Abaana’s Hope community. Can I just say, an accent can make any song beautiful, but especially praises to our King! Continue reading

Day Care Adventures

Friends hanging out at day care.

For the first time ever, we have a day care program at Abaana’s Hope! I am so excited to share these adorable pictures with you. Not only did the children have fun their first week exploring and playing with a lot of new toys, but their hard working mothers did not have to compromise the well being of their precious children to be able to work.

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