The Ladies Build Their Future

One of the greatest parts of being a missionary is getting to watch and experience plans come to fruition. When the Women’s Refuge Center first began, it seemed so far into the future for a women to complete the program. But, the future is now a reality! I am beyond excited to share that not one, but two ladies are on the verge moving out of the center as empowered land-owning women!

This program is built to aid these women by teaching them Biblical truths, vocational training of animal husbandry and money management skills while providing them and their children a safe place to live. The end goal is to empower these women to be able to purchase land, build a home and provide for themselves with the skills they have learned. I can tell you first hand, these ladies are there. They have been empowered. They have purchased their own land. Just look at the joy on their faces! They are incredibly strong women, and by the grace of God they have overcome so much. We give all glory and honor to Him who allows us to witness His plans come to reality.

Grace Blog House
G building an ot-lum for herself & her five children
Caroline Land Picture Blog 2
Mama C showing off her land

While the transition from the refuge center will not be seamless, I am certain they are ready. Will they continue to face trials as a single mother and a widow. Yes, most definitely. But, they have grown so much since they collected their humble belongings and moved to the refuge center. They have grown spiritually. They have learned how to successfully raise and care for pigs. They have learned how to make a profit off of the pigs they raise. For the first time they have a tangible budget for their families.  They have learned the hard realities of saving money. They have learned to make smart choices with their finances. All with the end goal of them being able to purchase their own land and build a house. The goal of having the comfort of knowing no one can ever put them on the streets ever again. No one can come and kick them off of their own land. They will never have to worry about not having a place to farm to provide food for their families. What beautiful sight of empowerment! Thank you for those that donated to make this a reality for our friends!

Grace Otlum Building blog 2



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