The Ladies Build Their Future

One of the greatest parts of being a missionary is getting to watch and experience plans come to fruition. When the Women’s Refuge Center first began, it seemed so far into the future for a women to complete the program. But, the future is now a reality! I am beyond excited to share that not one, but two ladies are on the verge moving out of the center as empowered land-owning women!

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Update on Mama C & Baby O

Yesterday,  I had the joy of driving eight of our women church leaders and some friends to town to love and pray for one of their own. Every Wednesday Julie, a fellow missionary, leads these ladies in Bible study and has been disciplining them for several months. One of the ladies, Mama C, has missed discipleship recently because she has been selflessly spending every second of everyday caring for an extremely malnourished and sick child, Baby O, in a hospital in Gulu town. The lady leaders have been begging to be able to go to town, about an hour drive from Abaana’s Hope, to check on Mama C. So they all tightly squeezed in the ministries seven passenger van, babies, luggage and all to go pray and spend sometime loving on Mama C and Baby O.

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Women make Agriculture Look Good

Once upon a time I owned a shirt (or maybe two) that I loved with all of the National FFA Organization Agriculture passion in side of me. And people, at the time, that was a lot! The shirt was one of my all time favorite graphic fitted tees, because what high school kid in the early 2000’s did not like a good graphic tee?!

The shirt was an FFA graphic black tee with lipstick writing saying,  “women make agriculture look good.” I have searched high and low for a picture of the shirt and have come up short. But, trust me, it was a dandy one! 😉

Today, I remembered this shirt as I watched several women getting after it on the Abaana’s Hope farm. It is the first harvest of the year in Northern Uganda and there is a lot of work to be done the old school way by manual labor without a tractor.

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