Update on Mama C & Baby O

Yesterday,  I had the joy of driving eight of our women church leaders and some friends to town to love and pray for one of their own. Every Wednesday Julie, a fellow missionary, leads these ladies in Bible study and has been disciplining them for several months. One of the ladies, Mama C, has missed discipleship recently because she has been selflessly spending every second of everyday caring for an extremely malnourished and sick child, Baby O, in a hospital in Gulu town. The lady leaders have been begging to be able to go to town, about an hour drive from Abaana’s Hope, to check on Mama C. So they all tightly squeezed in the ministries seven passenger van, babies, luggage and all to go pray and spend sometime loving on Mama C and Baby O.

How precious it was to watch these ladies love and pray for Mama C and Baby O. Their love was genuine and their prayers were raw and real. I praise God for being able to experience such love and affection these ladies have shown one another.

Many of you have seen the post I have shared about Baby O’s condition. This sweet child was found by our Child Development Program staff while they were traveling to do home studies for children currently in Abaana’s Hope Child Development Program. Praise God He opened their eyes on that day to see this precious life in need. Baby O and Mama C have had a rough few weeks full of ups and downs in the hospital. In addition to malnutrition, this sweet baby has had several viruses and also a severe case of malaria. While they have had their ups and downs, Mama C has been there ever step of the way and through it all is sharing the love of Christ with others in the hospital. She is not his birth mother, but she is loving him just like her own. She is loving him as Christ would because he is definitely a gift from the Lord {Psalms 127:3}.

Oscar legs Praise

We thank you for the prayers you have already said for this precious boy to be healed. As you can see in these pictures, the swelling all over his body has reduced drastically. Praise God! The swelling has revealed the depth of suffering this sweet soul has gone through in his short 14 months of life. We Give God the glory for this improvement.


Chase got the chance to go by the hospital briefly today and the nurse told him that Baby O might be released in the next day. If he is released from his current hospital, he will be transferred to another hospital that has a nutrition program. Please continue to pray for both Mama C and Baby O. Pray specifically for Mama C to have endurance to continue caring for Baby O and also for peace and comfort from God in the coming days. Pray specifically for Baby O to be completely healed. Pray for his family and his future. Pray for our church members as they begin to minister to his family. Pray for the Julie as she continues to check these two in town. Ultimately, pray for God to continue to gain all of the glory through this situation.

What a beautiful picture of love, taken several days ago by Julie, of Mama C and Baby O.




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