Construction Update 1.16

January Blog Construction Update.jpg

Our construction workers have been busy since my last construction blog update. They have inserted the garage doors on both the missionary home and also the guest house! They have poured majority of the houses slabs, completed the ring beam structures, and are adding bricks to set the foundation for the roof. They are shaping up quit nicely and it is extremely exciting to watch the progress everyday!

I took the next two photo collage pictures at mid-day today and they have already made great progress laying the bricks since the pictures were taken!

January Beam Update

January 2016 Construction update

These three pictures are the of the future Abaana’s Hope Guest House!

The next step is building the tin roof on both houses. Please pray for construction to continue to go smooth, for the safety of our workers, and for opportunities to share the gospel with our construction workers.

One thought on “Construction Update 1.16

  1. Kimmey

    Hoping you will be around when I come Mar. 14-20. I’m leading a small team to work with Julie to lead the women’s conference.

    (You were home last trip I came in September and we didn’t get to meet.)

    Virginia Ramsey


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