Day Care Adventures

Friends hanging out at day care.

For the first time ever, we have a day care program at Abaana’s Hope! I am so excited to share these adorable pictures with you. Not only did the children have fun their first week exploring and playing with a lot of new toys, but their hard working mothers did not have to compromise the well being of their precious children to be able to work.

The two compassionate Godly ladies who are keeping the children are two of the kindest and loving women I have ever met. They are enjoying keeping the children and are doing their best to make the adjustment for all involved happy. What a joyful week it was to be able to walk to the porch and hear the two ladies clapping and singing songs with the children! As you can see from the pictures below these ladies love them some babies! Even if baby R is having a bad morning. 😉

Thank you to everyone who donated toys, blankets and clothes to jump start this program! As you can see from the pictures they love having safe things to play with!

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