If a Picture Could Talk

“A picture can say a thousand words.”

The first picture below was taken on our first mission trip to Uganda in 2012. We were a naive engaged couple to say the least. God was working on us overtime to prepare our hearts together for His calling on our lives. I felt called at a young age to the mission field, but more particularly Africa. Every time I saw a “children are hungry commercial,” went to a Passion Conference, or prayed to finish college I was dreaming of missions in Africa.

So, this was my mission trip dream come true. Yes, I think it is fair to call it a dream. I was in Africa. On a mission trip. Finally. And with my soon to be hubby. Life was good. Let me tell you though, it is a whole lot better now.
First Visit
You see, in this first picture I can only tell you one child’s name, it was Obama. I have no idea how I was able to remember that one?! haha… But, in the picture collage below I can tell you each child’s name and their parent’s stories. Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of building a real relationship with them and their families. I know the first picture was a fantastic photo, but if it could talk those kids would say we were straight-up stranger danger. After living in Uganda for two years now {yes-two whole years as of August 3, 2015-to God be the Glory} there is not a day that goes by that I am not honored or humbled because I get to have a relationship with these precious children of God. I get the privilege of ministering to these sweet children’s parents almost every day. To God be the glory for allowing me and my husband to be apart of His incredible work in Africa.

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