Happy National Women’s Day

Happy National Women’s Day to all the ladies out there! National Women’s Day is actually a big deal in Uganda. It is even a public holiday! In a place where women are normally cast aside and treated as property, it is refreshing to see them be pampered for at least one day out of the year. If only they were treated as equals {not same} the other 365 days. The ministry still has its work cut out for itself to continue spreading God’s message that women are to be treated with love like Christ loved the church. We see the reality of this almost everyday.

National Women's Day at the Women's Refuge Center

Without any prompting, my fantastic husband decided he wanted to cook lunch for the former and current ladies, and their families, at the Women’s Refuge Center. He spent the morning, along with a few volunteers who wanted to join in on the fun, frying 6 chickens, making 6 kilo’s of rice and a traditional Ugandan soup. Chase did a fantastic job on the southern fried chicken! I was impressed! Winnie, Abaana’s Hope Farm Manager, and Stephen, Abaana’s Hope Farm assistant, made sure the rice and traditional Ugandan soup were made perfectly. Both Winnie and Stephen work closely with the ladies at the Women’s Refuge Center, so it was a joy to see them want to bless the ladies.

The ladies and their families enjoyed every bite and even went back for seconds of the chicken. We might actually make southerners out of a few people yet! 🙂
The Spread

Children Enjoying Fried Chicken

The children LOVED the fried chicken! They enjoyed it so much that they wanted me to capture every bite! haha…

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