The First Day of School

Monday marked the first day back to school for these teenagers! It is a HUGE accomplishment to attend a secondary school in Uganda and we could not be more proud to watch these kids grow into young adults! Thank you to all the sponsors that helped make this happen!

Secondary schools are scarce in most Ugandan villages. In our area the children have to travel 10 kilometers to and back from school everyday. Abaana’s Hope has began a driving ministry to get our students, in the Child Development Program, to school safely and on time. Every morning at 6 a.m. the children wait on the road side for Chase to pick them up in the  ministries newly remolded taxi/ambulance! Yes, there is such a thing! 😉

Here is a picture from their first morning of school! They are a good looking bunch and two of the boys still need one more sponsor.Will you prayerfully consider sponsoring them? Visit the Child Development Program website for more information,




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