Inside the Abaana’s Hope Chicken House

Our Abaana’s Hope Farm Manger, Winnie, is excited to share our chicken house is being renovated! It is turning into a new home for about 200 laying hens!

Please ignore my amateur videographer skills with my super professional Iphone 4s! 😉

From Winnie-“Hello, I am Winnie, the farm manger at Abaana’s Hope. Right now, we are in the poultry house and we are constructing a brooder. We will keep the chicks in the brooder for one month. We are going to keep them in the brooder [here] until the chicks have well developed wings. Then we can remove them from the brooder. So, right now we are creating a brooder to create enough warmth and the suitable amount of temperature that the chicks might need.

On the ground [here it] is the bedding for the chicken, made of rice. This is a rice house.

We are going to put 200 chicks in this house. They will produce 6 trays of eggs a day. This will meet the needs of the community.

Inside our brooder [here] we are going to provide a source of heat and a drinker for drinking water. Also, we are going to spread the newspaper inside the brooder. So that we can put the food for the chicken. The chicks will feed from the brooder here and at the same time they will be drinking water. And also we shall be providing heat, suitable temperature until they have grown their wings.”

Don’t you just love her accent! 🙂 In the past few years we have learned the community likes to eat eggs, but hardly anyone sells eggs. Everyone prefers to raise chickens, rather than use their eggs for eating. We are excited to provide the community with an actual egg supplier, and I am so thankful we will not have to drive 45 minutes into town to get eggs!





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