Acts 2:38 {April 2017}

Alo (Hello)!

What a beautiful Saturday we had watching 15 members of New Perspectives Church (a church plant with Future Generations International Missions) give their testimonies of how the Lord saved them and then each one followed suit in believers Baptism. Each one of these believers has spent time in a discipleship class learning what God’s word says about our believers Baptism.

While I could only pick out a few words, like “bagay la,” meaning, “the thing” in English. Really profound I know! 😉 It was easy to watch each person, young and old, give their testimony and understand completely that God has done something big in their lives. What a simple, but gorgeous, thing it is to gather with fellow believers of different nationalities and know exactly what has transpired by watching them follow God’s commandments for us to repent and be baptized (Acts 2:38).

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The baptisms took place on the new Faith House Orphanage property in an old hydroponic fish tank that has been repurposed as a baptism pool. Brings an entire new meaning to being fishers of men! Please be in prayer for these new believers, Pastor Pierre St. Louis and New Perspective Church. There was also one candidate, a 19 year-old, that was forbidden by their parents (who are not believers) to be baptized the morning of the ceremonies. Please also pray specifically for that person to lean on God and also for opportunities for that family member/the church to build relationships with these parents that point them to Christ.


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