Construction Update 1.16

January Blog Construction Update.jpg

Our construction workers have been busy since my last construction blog update. They have inserted the garage doors on both the missionary home and also the guest house! They have poured majority of the houses slabs, completed the ring beam structures, and are adding bricks to set the foundation for the roof. They are shaping up quit nicely and it is extremely exciting to watch the progress everyday!

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Building for the Future

There are a lot of cement bags and bricks being thrown around these days at Abaana’s Hope. We are excited to show you the progress of our current building projects, a missionary home and a guest house!

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The {Big} Move to Abaana’s Hope

Chase and I have official survived our sixth move together in less than three years of marriage. Yes, that would be six times we have packed our things and relocated to a “new” home. Some were for a short while, but we did manage to live in one for a whopping year. This move was so different. This move, yet painful while packing, sorting, and unpacking (let us be real… the unpacking will continue for several days). The end result of this move is our version of village paradise. Not to mention we are now living in the first house my husband designed and built with our friends and workers at Abaana’s Hope. How special is that? Well, let me tell you, exceptionally special!

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