Day Care Adventures

Friends hanging out at day care.

For the first time ever, we have a day care program at Abaana’s Hope! I am so excited to share these adorable pictures with you. Not only did the children have fun their first week exploring and playing with a lot of new toys, but their hard working mothers did not have to compromise the well being of their precious children to be able to work.

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The {Big} Move to Abaana’s Hope

Chase and I have official survived our sixth move together in less than three years of marriage. Yes, that would be six times we have packed our things and relocated to a “new” home. Some were for a short while, but we did manage to live in one for a whopping year. This move was so different. This move, yet painful while packing, sorting, and unpacking (let us be real… the unpacking will continue for several days). The end result of this move is our version of village paradise. Not to mention we are now living in the first house my husband designed and built with our friends and workers at Abaana’s Hope. How special is that? Well, let me tell you, exceptionally special!

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God Bless America

Living in another country has opened my eyes more to how blessed I am to have been raised in land of the free because of the brave. I love and miss my native land, but I am thankful I have a new found respect for what it means to be an American and for all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that America can be the land of the free.  Continue reading

Chameleon Sighting

When you are traveling with a photographer and a high school science teacher and a chameleon crosses the road, you stop. haha…

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